Water Accounting

Independent estimates of water flows, fluxes, stocks, consumption, and services

A systematic study of current status and trends in water availability and consumptions in specified domains

Water accounting is defined as the systematic acquisition, analysis and communication of information relating to stocks, flows, and fluxes of water (from source to sinks) in natural, disturbed or heavily engineered environments (FAO, 2016)

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Multi-institutional collaboration

A framework for communicating the state of water resources

The current website provides the framework and results of a new Water Accounting methodology (WA+) that is based on global-scale public-domain datasets. Its objective is to strive to achieve equitable and transparent water governance for all users and a sustainable water balance.

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WA+ provides independent estimates of water flows, fluxes, stocks, consumption and services, that in the near-future becomes certified. It is a multi-institutional effort from international knowledge centers (IWMI, UNESCO-IHE, FAO, and WWAP) that are neither politically nor geographically connected to a given river basin.

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The use of the WA+ framework has been implemented in several basins across the world. The WA+ framework allows stakeholders to make informed decisions and support local water management practices.

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The Water Accounting team is integrated by water professionals from different international institutions, who collaborate in global projects with local impact.


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